Digital Illustrations

All Illustrations on this page have been hand sketched and then digitally edited showing various projects that I have been working on. I prefer to work using Adobe Photoshop to produce my images but can also use Adobe Illustrator. I enjoy creating quirky style cartoon illustrations mainly depicting nature but have also done some experimental projects using a limited colour palette. I hope you enjoy looking through my illustrations please also check out my store for more design pieces.   

To Zoom in on an image please click on the image to open up a pop up expansion of the image. .

Mr Motivator Illustrator | Pitman Draws
NHS Stay at Home | Pitman Draws
The Hunter & The Bear | Pitman Draws
Steampunk Themed Tarot Cards Illustration Video Reel | Pitman Draws
Steampunk Theme Tarot Card Illustrations
Holding Hands | Pitman Draws
Wedding Day | Pitman Draws
Love Potion Illustration | Pitman Draws
Cheeky Cupid | Pitman Draws
Jack & Sally | Pitman Draws
Puppy Love | Pitman Draws
Pregnant Couple Hugging Illustration | Pitman Draws
Spider in the Bath | Pitman Draws
Noahs Ark Animal Print | Pitman Draws
Pink Hens | Pitman Draws
The Ant & Grasshopper Fable
As a freelance illustrator all Images are my own and Copyrighted @PitmanDraws 
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